Applications for 4Crew are now closed.

This is a fantastic opportunity for four multi-talented, content-creators from our fresh talent pool to come together as a start-up initiative.

4Crew are paid as freelancers for filming gigs throughout the year with 4Talent. Throughout 2015/16 they will attend some of the biggest events and C4 Pop Ups, all-expenses paid and work as part of the 4Crew team to create content that will be showcased on the 4Talent website and our social networks.

As well as coming up with their own creative ideas and getting on the job experience, we provide 4Crew with training and assist you in getting setting up as a freelancer. 4Crew are allocated their own mentor from within Channel 4. 4Crew is promoted to the wider C4 business as a production crew to hire for other Channel 4 events. Best of all, there is the opportunity to grow each role as you work more closely with the Creative Diversity Department toward the end of your time on the 4Talent Days.

Applications for 4Crew will open again in 2018.