4 New Writers

Welcome to 4 New Writers. A new hub of information for anyone breaking into television drama.

Channel 4 Drama wants your voice. We are always on the lookout for new writers. Writers with bold and exciting voices, writers with an attitude, writers with a story to tell. At Channel 4 we've supported and grown writers from Jack Thorne (GLUE, SKINS, THIS IS ENGLAND) to Tom Bidwell (MY MAD FAT DIARY). We've championed teenage writers including Daniel Kaluuya, Jess Brittain and Georgia Lester in shows such as SKINS. We've commissioned first-time writers Daniel Fajemisin-Duncan and Marlon Smith to show their world in the critically acclaimed and award-winning drama series, RUN.

We want to keep up the good work. So if you've always wanted to write, or you're already on the path towards being a television writer or even a playwright, we have a number of schemes for you. We want to keep nurturing and growing writers - you're our lifeblood.

We'll update this webpage with Channel 4 new writing schemes, opportunities and other top tips for writers trying to break into the industry, so watch this space...