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Work Experience

Spend a week or two at Channel 4

Applications are now open for Autumn work experience! Apply now

How does it work?

Our Work Experience programme is for anyone over 16 who wants to build a career in the media industry. It’s simple: you come and do a work placement in one of our departments.  We’ve got placements everywhere from Marketing and Commissioning to Online and Information Systems. We can’t pay you - but the contacts you make and the skills you pick up along the way are priceless.

We have about 60 placements a year. If you want one, you need to have been to a 4Talent Day, a 4Talent Talk or a Channel 4 event within the last two years. And you need to apply through this website.

What will I do when I’m on a placement?

The things you get up to will depend on which department you work in. Check the boxes on the right to find out more.

Where are the placements?

They’re all in London. Most of them are in our Horseferry Road building.

How long are they?

They’re all between one and two weeks.

Do you offer work experience for production or ‘on-screen’ roles?

At Channel 4, we commission all our shows from independent companies – we don’t make the shows ourselves. So, most of our placements are in our offices, and aren’t in production or on-screen roles. But lots of the companies who make our shows have their own work experience schemes.

If I come to a 4Talent Day, a 4Talent Talk or another Channel 4 event, will I be guaranteed a placement?

No – you still need to apply for a placement through this website. Once we’ve looked at all the applications, we’ll let you know if you’ve been lucky.

How do I apply?

First, make sure you’ve been to a 4Talent Day, a 4Talent Talk or another Channel 4 event in the last two years. Then, apply through this website. 

How can I give myself the best chance of getting a placement?

Of course, you might need to arrange time off from your school, university or job – but if you can be flexible when it comes to dates, you’ll have a better chance of getting a spot. And if you can show a particular department that you’re truly passionate about working with them, they’ll be more keen to get you on board.


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