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Where could your talent take you?


4Talent Days

Spend a day with Channel 4, wherever you are in the UK!

What are they?

These are events where we spill the beans on how our industry works. You meet industry professionals who can reveal what skills, experience and attitude you need to get noticed. And we share the secrets of how you can build an incredible career in the media.

You can go to free creative workshops covering everything from acting, presenting, and journalism to social networking, gaming, advertising and directing. And you can get careers advice from Channel 4 staff and people from local creative industries. Best of all, you meet like-minded people - you never know, you might meet the people who’ll help create your next short film or award-winning documentary.

Who are they for?

They’re for anyone over 16 who wants to break into the media industry. We never say ‘you must have this’ or ‘you must be like that’ – we love it when the group is really diverse. All that matters is that you’re truly passionate about our industry, and that you’ve got a bit of raw talent that sets you apart from the crowd.

When and where are they?

In 2013 we visited a different location every month. Some of the places we went to are: Sunderland, Lincoln, Wigan, Glasgow, Belfast and London. 


Future 4Talent Days

Note: 4Talent Days will now be once every other month, rather than every month.

The 4Talent Day's dates of 2014 will be revealed one month prior to each event. Below is a list of where we will be visiting in 2014:

Bradford - December 4th. Applications open. CLICK HERE






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